ADR DGSA Trainings

Within the scope of the Regulation on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, the companies that send, pack, load, fill, unload and carry out one or more of these activities as a transporter and who will operate in transporters and businesses that have a Dangerous Goods Activity Certificate, have completed the 64-hour training given by our expert trainers and those who will achieve 70 and above in the exam to be held have the right to become DGSA.

RID / IMDG DGSA Trainings

Persons who have successfully passed the ADR DGSA exam and who will complete 16 hours of training for both legislation and get 70 and above in the exam to be held by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, have the right to be RID / IMDG Code DGSA in addition to ADR comprehensive certificates.

DGSA Renewal Trainings

It is mandatory for DGSA’s to take 16-hour renewal training under ADR and 8-hour renewal training on RID and IMDG every two years when the legislation changes.

General Awareness and Task Specific Trainings

The implementation of the rules related to the transport of dangerous goods and the realization of their objectives depends largely on the fact that all relevant personnel appreciate the existing risks and understand the rules in detail, in this context, it is obligatory for all relevant personnel to receive General Awareness Trainings in the ADR / RID / IMDG Code 1.3 reference. In addition to this, we have a task-specific training service that our expert trainers and related personnel are responsible for, especially in the IMDG Code and RID legislation.

Driver Trainings

In the Road Transport Law and its related regulations, it is stated that “it refers to the person who drives and manages a motor vehicle or vehicle on the road”.

SRC documents are of five types, of them;

SRC 1 certificate: International passenger transport,

SRC 2 certificate: Domestic passenger transportation,

SRC 3 certificate: International goods / freight transport,

SRC 4 certificate: Domestic goods / freight transportation,

SRC 5 certificate: The transportation of dangerous substances and wastes is sought in their activities.


SRC 5 (Dangerous Goods Carrying Drivers) Trainings

SRC is the driver vocational qualification certificate that commercial vehicle drivers must obtain according to the vehicle class. SRC5 Certificate, formerly ADR Certificate, is a professional competence document that must be obtained by drivers who will transport dangerous goods according to the Road Transport Regulation. For SRC5 Certificate, 18 hours of SRC5 training must be completed and successful in the exam held by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. In order to participate in SRC5 trainings, ownership of one of the SRC3 or SRC4 documents is required. Exam passing grade is 60. In addition to this Basic Training, drivers who transport Tank, Class 1 Explosives, Class 7 Radioactive Materials should also receive these trainings.

ÜDY Trainings

ÜDY is the abbreviation of the words that make up the term senior manager. The definition in the road transport law and related regulations is as follows:

“Senior Manager (ÜDY): The chairman of the board of directors, member of the board of directors, general manager who continuously and effectively manages the activities of these persons by representing and binding a real or legal person operating within the scope of this Regulation and / or actually managing and managing the activities of these persons, general coordinator, general secretary and persons in similar positions or employed with these titles “

UDY documents are of four types, of them;

ÜDY 1 Certificate: International passenger transport,

ÜDY 2 Certificate: Domestic passenger transportation,

ÜDY 3 Certificate: International goods / freight transportation,

ÜDY 4 Certificate: Domestic goods / freight transportation is sought in its activities.


ODY Trainings

 ODY is the abbreviation of the words that make up the term mid-level manager. In the Road Transport Law and its related regulations, “Employed with the titles of manager / manager, chief, expert, operation manager, operator and similar titles who continuously and effectively manage the transportation activities of a real or legal person or an independent unit belonging to it refers to people. ” in the form.


ODY documents are of four types, of them;


ODY1 Certificate: International passenger transport,

ODY2 Certificate: Domestic passenger transportation,

ODY3 Certificate: International goods / freight transportation,

ODY4 Certificate: It is sought in domestic goods / freight transportation activities.