Coastal Facility Operation Permit

We provide consultancy services for the operation of the newly built port facilities and facilities with 1 to 3 months before the expiry of the operating permit, and for obtaining a “Coastal Facility Operation Permit”, which indicates that there is no inconvenience in terms of duties, powers and responsibilities in berthing to this facility.

Dangerous Goods Compliance Certificate (TMUB) and Dangerous Goods Guide (TMR)

Coastal facilities handling dangerous goods that will receive or renew permits within the scope of the Regulation on Procedures and Principles Regarding the Granting of Operation Permits to Coastal Facilities published in the Official Gazette dated 18/2/2007 and numbered 26438, obtaining a “Dangerous Goods Conformity Certificate” confirming that these cargoes are suitable for handling and transportation. and must have a valid status. The procedures and principles regarding the issuance and validity of the Dangerous Goods Conformity Certificate are determined by the Administration. Cargo authorities and coastal facilities involved in the transport of packaged dangerous goods create and implement a safety plan that includes the issues specified in the IMDG Code. In coastal facilities within the scope of ISPS Code, the issues that should be included in the plan required by this article can be found in the ISPS Code “Port Facility Security Plan”. Leader of the sector TMGD A.Ş.., we provide quality and reliable consultancy services on the Dangerous Goods Guide (TMR), which is mandatory for facilities that want to obtain a Dangerous Goods Compliance Certificate.