TMGD Safety Consultancy

In the light of ADR, the European Agreement on the International Transport of Dangerous Materials by Road and the provisions of the legislation issued by the Ministry of Transport & Infrastructure, to which our country is a part of in 2010,  We provide Dangerous Materials Safety Consultancy services to businesses that have one or more of the responsibilities of the transporter, sender, receiver, filling, packaging, loading, unloading, tank container / portable tank operator .

In order to eliminate the risks that may endanger human and environmental health, we advise the company officials to minimize the risk of accidents that may occur in the operations together with the regulations in accordance with the provisions of the legislation that we constantly monitor in our routine field visits. In addition, in order to create business continuity, which is one of the most important requirements of management systems, we carry out all the responsibilities of the businesses we serve for hazardous substances in accordance with the legislation. We integrate the system with the documents, enter the annual activity reports that need to be prepared and the accident reports into the system created by the administration.


TMFB/DGAC Dangerous Materials Activity Certificate Consultancy Service –

Within the scope of transportation of dangerous materials by road;  We are guiding the Dangerous Materials Activity Certificate process As a carrier, filling, packing, loading, sending, receiving, unloading and tank container / portable tank operator, , which is mandatory for businesses dealing with one or more of these activities.

In the TMFB application, renewal and activity issues.

in case of the need of change, it is uter the evaluation of the TMFB instructions, and by that, we make the Extra 3 reports that needs to be prepared in the matters of transport types when dangerous materials come to and from the facility, also the determination of the suitability of these transports.


Tank, Unit, Packaging Supply:

We provide the needs of enterprises such as  UN approved or ADR certified vehicles, tanks, units and packaging, which are mandatory to be used in the transportation of dangerous goods, and we produce the most appropriate and fast solution for their needs.


Label, Plate, Orange Plate Supply:

We supply danger labels for packages that must be used in dangerous goods transportation in accordance with ADR / IMDG / RID and national regulations and danger warning signs and orange plate for transport units.

Equipment Supply:

We supply certified general and personal protective equipment and fire extinguishers in accordance with ADR requirements, which are required for vehicles carrying dangerous goods.